A movie that shows how to let the men's room not even a beautiful woman come one after another

One morning suddenly a beautiful woman came and asked if she asked me "Can you use the net?" This beautiful friend of a beautiful woman also appeared from one to the next, A movie like a dream that the room will be full of beautiful is from below.

BT Infinity - Hola - YouTube

In the morning, opening the door ... ....

A Latin beautiful girl greeting "Hola!". Apparently it seems to be an inhabitant of the upper floor.

"Your room seems to have a good internet connection, so will you show me the London Olympics in your room?"

A man who answers "It's okay" while looking slightly.

"Can my friends come over?"

"!!!" and two people looking eyes.

Then beautiful women appear one after another.

Everyone begins to watch the London Olympic movies unexpectedly.

Another beautiful girl arrived.

We will act like tea and confectionery.

The beautiful woman who arrived earlier ... ...

We are checking the weather.

A slender beauty of straight hair arrives.

Then a beautiful woman with an eye-catching eye.

In a quick hurry state.

And a girl who seems to be a friend of male will come. "Since when has it become an Internet cafe?"

Two people smiling withe that word.

Why can I get such a nice connection? And beautiful woman.

Before the man points to ... ...

Broadband optical fiber "BT Infinity"But. "I can do whatever you want to do, thanks to the one you have over there."

smug face.

Somewhat over there, "Well, I will talk to my boyfriend."


Two men on the screen.

A beautiful woman reaches for a sweet on a dish, but a man is fainting and departing.

And he was injured to the beautiful woman who had an unexpected eye in front of the door.

With "BT Infinity" anything will be possible, so it was a broadband optical fiber commercial. While thinking "such an idiot", I will think about the possibility of optical fiber for a moment as "No, but ... ...."

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