Headline news on October 17, 2018

NTT DoCoMo will release the world's thinnest and lightest " Card Keitai KY-01L " as a 4G mobile phone in late November 2018. The size is about 91 mm × 55 mm × 5.3 mm, and the weight is about 47 g. While the battery capacity is 380 mAh, since it is an electronic paper display, the power consumption of the still screen is zero and it has realized driving for a long time. The screen size is about 2.8 inches, IPX 2 has drip-proof performance, but features such as camera, Osaifu-Keitai, infrared communication, etc. are not installed.

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Male is satisfied with the close relation "men" with men rather than romance - GIGAZINE

Urban legend game "Polybius" which is not certain whether it is a product of reality or delusions - GIGAZINE

Interview after Red Bull · Air Race · World Champion Muroya Yoshihide after the final round, what is the new goal? - GIGAZINE

The world's first competition "Cybathlon" will be held worldwide athletes who wear a robot suit and clear up harsh obstacles - GIGAZINE

What is the reason why dream's supersonic passenger plane "Concorde" ended in commercial failure - GIGAZINE

This legendary weapon "Myeolnyl" can be handled only by the owner and you can challenge various people to lift it like this and like this - GIGAZINE

The possibility that Antarctic ice is increasing in part and offset the missing ice emerged - GIGAZINE

Increases the possibility that "dark matter (dark matter)" is released from the sun 's core - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Degradation of research ability in Japan, what is wrong is ... National University and the main bureau, assertive conflict: Asahi Shimbun Digital

It is pointed out that the "research power" of Japan is declining. What is the cause? Is there no problem in the competition policy the country advances? Mr. Masato Kanda, Chairman of the National University Association, Mr. Yuichi Yamagiri, President of Kyoto University President, Deputy Director of Ministry of Finance Ministry of Finance who has national budget. Mr. Yamagori asserted that "the selection and concentration of research expenditure policy is wrong." Conversely, Mr. Kanda complains that "Japan will be ruined if there is no competition."

Snails are found from the amber in the dinosaur era | National Geographic Japan version site

Genome decoding: Firefly luminescence ability, earned over 100 million years ago - Mainichi Newspaper

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Living body cutting, Saudi journalists unknown and shocking information | 47 NEWS - This kiji is

Matsui Osaka Governor wants to replace it as defective | Kyodo News - This kiji is

Measures to raise taxes, cash distribution plan emerging "fishmongers in the country, no creca": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Advisor to the table tennis club, "For motivation" in front of student who breaks award certificate: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A male teacher in his 50s adviser to the table tennis department of Kawasaki-shi Kishi Takatsu Junior High School (Kojiku-ku Kaku 1-chome, Takeshi Uesugi) will lead a club member at this month's table tennis tournament, I knew it was breaking in front of.

Responding to shortage of teachers, temporary license ... Recruitment of retired people with invalidity: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Re-arrested by Kei Uni-compulsory sexual intercourse - Sankei news

Tokyo: "Disorder is an excuse" poster, removed with criticism - Mainichi Newspaper

Canada, the first countries in the world to release cannabis today the first Uruguay next to the world 2 national photographs 4 international news: AFPBB News

Shinkansen and Shinkansen "Shin Kuzuryu bridge" started construction on both sides of the railway bridge Prefectural road: Fukui: Chunichi Newspaper (CHUNICHI Web)

Government: Henoko relocation, Avoiding influence on countermeasures election on 17th - Mainichi Newspaper

Egg export exports increased by 53% up to August, "eating raw" spread etc.: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

【Verification】 How does North Korea push sanctions? - BBC News

Record heavy rain in the central south of Okinawa Prefecture in October, flooding 142 · 5 mm prefectural road at Naha airport - Ryukyus Shimpo - Okinawa newspaper, regional news

"But refuse" Edano's way to go | Feature articles | NHK political magazine

CNN.co.jp: The Chinese government claims that the existence of the Uighur detention facility admitted that "happiness has increased"

Suspect Katayama Satsuki regional creation allegation of 1 million yen national entrance fee | Bunbun online

Prosecution for manufacturing men's university students in Nagoya such as explosives sent for court sale | Kyodo News - This kiji is

US Xerox acquisition problem withdraws injunction by court rice United States Court: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Macron, a cabinet reshuffle Embarrassment has gone, the centripetal power decline appears: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Shigella: 42 people in the decoy eating such as yubi piercing Yamanashi - Mainichi Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
When I go to Ramen Jiro the story that the customer blew down bubbles and fell down. - Yuya Fujisaki's blog

Since the copy paper was missing, replenishment → a few people arrive at the copy machine as soon as it is "There is a certain" voice "Equipment of every company is so" - Togetter

A child who was born and did not eat white rice so that it eats "delicious delicious" with "a way" ... there was no ingenuity or guts there - Togetter

"Islamic customers in that store will decline sharply in the future" Reason why Muslim friends disappointed that there is "halal chicken cutlets" at a store - Togetter

Adult developmental disorder overlooked difficult Difficult diagnosis "child's disorder" prejudice also misunderstood as schizophrenia, inadequate treatment | 【West Japan newspaper】

My older sister who went to a marriage party of a geek who accompanies a friend who wants to get married and got married has been satisfied with another incident and got back "OTA wedding such an image" - Togetter

Parents listened to the couple's surname, children's real intention "There is nothing to worry about." - withnews (with news)

Sightseeing: North Alps 'Kurobe Route' Newly Opened in 24 Years - Mainichi Newspapers

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Domestic first! Built-in cellular communication "AWS IoT 1 - Click" compatible button "SORACOM LTE - M Button powered by AWS" Started selling at 3,980 yen, October 17 with 1,500 batches of communication for one year

We released a new function to automatically insert AWS configuration diagram into Cacoo! | Cacoo (Kaku) blog

Story trying to solve DMM video service problem (Play URL generation API version) - DMM inside

The C language sample of Samurai Engineer Juku is too dangerous.

Pepper, British Council debut = remarks for the first time outside of humans: current affairs dot com

I did not conclude "blocking legislation", the government review meeting will be postponed indefinitely - Togetter

NTT DoCoMo launches "Xperia XZ 3" smartphone that draws image beauty that will be drawn in with an organic EL display Installing a new user interface that realizes comfortable operation of applications and cameras -
For KDDI (au) , SoftBank has been announced on October 11th. It will be released in all three domestic major carriers.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Establishment of animation label "CAAnimation" | Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd.

In this time, newly established animation label "CAAnimation" entered into the creation of original animation, based on the original animation born from here, gaming development by our game subsidiary, assuming media mix We do planning development and production that we did. In addition, animation is one of the popular contents at the Internet TV station "AbemaTV" operated by our subsidiary AbemaTV, and in "CAAnimation", in conjunction with "AbemaTV", our original animated IP We will continue to create it.

Shogi Fujii renewed his first victory in the seventh battle for Newcomer King for the first time in 31 years | NHK News

Shogi 's high school student chess player, Saito Fujii seventh stage won the first victory by winning 2 consecutive victories with the final match of the rookie game at the third game. Fujii Nanatsu is 16 years old and 2 months, and renewed the youngest record of the rookie King for the first time in 31 years.

"Mobile Suit Gundam NT" notice - YouTube

"Theater version of Young Girl Warfare" special bulletin 2 - YouTube

TV anime "Ega Onodaika" 1st bullet PV - YouTube

Tatsunokopo Pro 55th Anniversary Planning Original animation "Ega Onodaika" First release on PV!
Broadcast on WOWOW, TOKYO MX, Yomiuri Television from January 2019!
【INTRODUCTION】 Kingdom overflowing with a smile in a star far from the earth. Princess Yuuki is twelve years old, and it is almost time for his age. Crying everyday, laughing, sometimes throbbing ...? While doing it, I live happily in the royal palace. It is the faithful vassals that color the days. Leila as an educator, Izana as assistant politician, head of the knight captain Harold, and ... aides of childhood friend, Joshua. "Yuuki! If you have fightingness and guts, you can do anything!" "...... a little more ... it is !! Joshua, make it even more aristocratic!" Stella is a seventeen year old, competent and cool soldier. But smiles are not always broken ...... smile is indispensable to live. This is the story of two girls born in distant stars.

"Fennec who listens to everything" Raccoon and Fenneck 【Funnies Friends】 - YouTube

I have never read "Five Star Stories" as a result of having read all the volumes to counter seniors #FSS_en - Togetter

"Gestalt Odin" Promotion Movie - YouTube

"THE QUIET MAN" Imogen Heap interview - YouTube

Custom cast character makeup summary - Togetter

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Professional Baseball: World's First, V Tuber in Baseball Commentary CS - Mainichi Shimbun

Former J Leaguer promised pitch of osteosarcoma | NHK NEWS WEB

"Train Man" Decided to make a musical drama in the United States 3 pictures International news: AFPBB News

"There is no entertainer who can win Sawa Division with comprehensive power" Ha Raichi Iwaii's theory of morals - Asahi Shimbun Digital & M

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The taste of meat and the scent of truffle merge! House that can enjoy "luxurious mood of adult" "Oh zack" [truffle fragrant beef steak flavor] Prior launch at convenience store from October 22 Release on all channels from November 12th | News release | Company information | House food

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